Sunday, January 02, 2005

For My Liege: A Patriot's Guide

For My Liege: A Patriot's Guide is an outline of right action by American vassals. Despite the efforts of traitorous Democrats, voters and domestic animals to halt the Tides of Freedom, America is still supreme in Leadership of the World! Such Malcontents cannot hold back our Vital Homeland! Those who are in Accord with Our Leaders Shall be rewarded! But not every Upright Citizen knows the proper conduct of a True American. For My Liege: A Patriot's Guide will teach You to be an Exemplary SuperCitizen. Learn
  • Which questions are Unpatriotic so you won't be jailed for asking them.
  • How to report your neighbors to Homeland Security.
  • The seven warning signs of Democrats.
  • How to gain promotions through Patriotic Detention of your rivals.
This Common Sense approach to Supporting our President and Our Troops is easy to understand and contains illustrations.

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