Thursday, December 23, 2004

Hating God Back: The Secular Humanist Philosophy of "Lethal Weapon"

Hating God Back: The Secular Humanist Philosophy of "Lethal Weapon". We all know that secular humanism hates God but did you know that this God-hating religion has a movie that lays out its philosophy? Anger and Satanism course through the every line and image of the film "Lethal Weapon". Close examination also reveals the existence of numerous subliminal messages appearing in almost every frame of the film. Scientific deconstruction of the audio tracks shows backward masked messages of a sacrilegious nature. Mel Gibson's character even says "Hate [God] back. It works for me." Also check out the companion volume Between Nothing and Nothingness: The Empty Promises of "The Matrix" and Hell on Earth.
Soulman's Review: This is the book that breaks open the festering sore that is Hollywood film. Understanding Hollywood's obsession with pervert sex and drug feeding behaviour willl change you. help jesus fight immorallity through knowing it. feed the soul devine by knowing the bad things and shunning them. denounce the ffast life of decadent Hollywood and find the behind the seens motion picture deathstyle. Do not miss this bok! jEsus is Lord!

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