Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Viking Diaries

Viking Diaries is the sensitive journey of Leaf, a young Viking seeking to understand himself through pillage and rough trade. This epic tale of life among strong, unwashed men traveling the seas is sure to be a best seller. Leaf is shy as he witnesses his first "blood eagle" but soon is begging to be allowed to perform it for the most minor of infractions. Eventually he devolops a strong, mature love bond with a sheep on the moors of Scotland. When Rosebud, the sheep, falls ill, Leaf goes on a rampage through the local village seeking medicine for her. His grief at her death is overwhelming, changing him from a young man to a young man who has lain with an ungulate. He swears over the mutton to avenge her death by inflicting a lot of pain and suffering on the world. This takes up the remaining 600 pages of this jolly historical romp. Illustrated edition available except where banned by law.

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