Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Triumph of the Stupid

Triumph of the Stupid: The Ascendancy of Dumb People in Society. In a society that calls for intelligent consideration of complex problems, we feel stupid. This book is primarily concerned with a re-evaluation of the "Peter Principle" which states that in corporations, people rise to their level of incompetence. Data suggests that Dr. Peter was far too conservative; people often rise well above their level of incompetence, particularly in government. In a culture which values "beautiful" shallow people and mocks intelligent consideration of problems, we elevate the folksy idiots to key positions of power. We allow the tantrums of petulant child-men and gruff bullies to dominate public discourse and still manage to wonder why dumb solutions keep being applied to problems. The final chapter proposes that smart people be brought down to average intelligence. Or shot. Something to keep them from being smart. I can't be smart, why should they be allowed to be smart? They just think too hard. Thinking hard should make their heads hurt like my head when I think hard. In the country of the moron, the merely stupid could be president. Like me. Or Bush.

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