Saturday, December 18, 2004

Whispers of Joy

Like the rhythms of the waves on the beach, something in you reaches for happiness and falls back. Why are you unable to find a place of joy within yourself? First you need to admit your need for love. Then you need to buy this book. Finally you must devote yourself to healing your sloppy soul. Then you will feel joy! Just remember that it is important to buy this book. Read it. Read it all at once. Read it slowly, savoring its essential truth. Read it aloud to your pet. Read it loudly on crowded streetcorners. Reading will help you know. Knowing will help you be. Being will help you buy another copy of this book for a friend. Don't let your happiness escape when you put down this book. Better yet, buy a copy and keep it in a safe so you'll always know where the source of your happiness and joy is: locked in a safe. And that will help you feel safe. See how easy it is to be happy? Surrender to joy today!

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