Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Serving Word Salad

Serving Word Salad: A Fable of Language teaches you how to mangle and recast common words and phrases into Neocomm. Neocomm is the next level in the evolution of language. Jargon, acronyms, and field specific terminology are all old solutions to communication problems. This is not a new language. It is a crossbreed language encompassing simplified word combinations, complexified chimeras, and reshunted word fu. Some of the vocabulary is made up of repurposed verds and adjouns. Actions can, depending on context, be in time, space or tumolt. Here's a sample: Hypertemp phils ut cont consect privo. Even without training, I'm sure that this example almost makes sense to you, the syllables hinting at fuller phrases and complex context. Actually, that sentence expands to reveal the full text of the legislation known as the "USA PATRIOT Act" from 2001. Surprised? Don't be. This is the beauty of Neocomm. It's the new way to communicate.

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JPS said...

Actually sounds like some kinds, or at least some examples, of classical chinese prose. I had thought of those as attempts at anonymous critical comment ("free speech" in an unprotected society. Now I see the obvious, that choked gargle garble could be a species specific, ligua politica? Or a mating call. Interesting, to me, anyway. Would be bad to mention Leo Straus and "Persecution and the Art of Writing", right? Off the point, anyway. Early in the morning, here and now.